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Oasis Energy is the sole provider of quality bunkers in Port Sultan Qaboos in Sultanate of Oman. Since year 2000 Oasis Energy has delivered a professional service, quality bunkers and zero spills. Bunker customers have ranged from local shipping lines to international shipping lines and navies. Namely British Royal navy, USA navy, Pakistan Navy, Australian Navy, Italian Navy, Hoegh Autocarriers, NYK, MSC, oil search project ships and many more. Smaller vessel such as dhows and luxury yachts are also supplied with gas oil.

In 1999 Oasis Energy built a modern bunker handling facility and a pipeline system to feed all main berths directly with bunker fuel. In reward for this Oasis Energy was granted Port bunkering rights. Oasis Energy operates in close partnership with the Port Services Company and local shipping agents to deliver a quality service to visiting ships. Oasis Energy has the use of 3,600 square meters of land in the port granting easy access to ships; engineers and ensuring easy communication with product transfer operations. The terminal operational centre is in 24 hour radio contacts with the Port authorities, Port Pilot, arriving ships and other service providers. Any bunkering customer may call this operational centre and get real time information on bunker transfer progress. Tel +968 24 714359

Oasis Energy is a 100% Oman owned private company. It posses international level expertise with professional staff drawn from three continents and major oil company operational experience. Oasis Energy is proud to be Omani and part of a long tradition of quality ship services. Oasis Energy plans to expand its service to Sohar and the Muscat anchorage. Oasis Energy will also expand its Port service with the agreed expansion of Port Sultan Qaboos to accommodate larger vessels of greater draft. The local Ministry of Oil & Gas has also provided Oasis Energy with an allocation of gas oil to supply visiting ships. With no local production of quality fuel oil, bunker grade fuel oil is imported from the Gulf and beyond.

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